About Our Sponsor


Our potential sponsor, Bigtincan helps the world’s best brands to create the future buying experience for their customers. They believe buying experiences should be engaging, depart value, and guide people to the finest decisions. Bigtincan’s values define who they are and guide everything they do. Best part is that they never stand still. They create an agile platform that allows you to create highly personalized experiences that people and brands will adore. You want to know what’s more? All of their products are smart, and can be easily adapted to unique business needs. They are always building, adding layers, acquiring the best out of all. We are enthralled to have Bigtincan as our elated sponsor.

Bigtincan Wants To Go Forward With Us!

Being dazzled by the quality events, Bigtincan decided to go forward with Group Futurista by sponsoring more of our future events. Bigtincan has established a cherry on top by delivering meaningful connections between marketing content, sales forecast and customer engagement to help businesses expand. With the help of our events, Bigtincan generated a large amount of potential leads. On the other hand, we are delighted to say that with the help of sponsorship with Bigtincan, Group Futurista was able to reach the target audience. We provided an excellent platform for them to promote their brand and solutions. Likewise, we can assure you excellent results if you wish to associate with us by being our sponsor.

You don’t have to think twice to step to the fore with us!