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At Group Futurista, we envision everything that the future of technology and advancement entails. As we empower audiences about the future that stares ahead through our dazzling and engaging events, we present a well crafted and organized series of case studies. Join hands with us to attain sparkling success and growth to yield better productivity and management for your businesses.

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About Group Futurista

Group Futurista is a leading Global Events Company that organizes corporate events, virtual summits and forums for various tech companies. The company strives to radiate creative and innovative strategies that allow businesses to flourish. As a company that hosts B2B tech events, we stand firm at glorifying the power of building networks and connectivity with innovative thinkers and brightest minds from Industries, Academia and Government organizations on a global scale. Our company flags the vision of influencing individual’s lives by bestowing them with the revolution of technology and promoting sustainable development.

Group Futurista provides an opportunity to business leaders, decision- makers, solution providers to come and be a part of panel discussions, revolutionary case studies, webinars and brainstorming sessions. As the 4th Global industrial revolution dawns upon human civilization, we elevate forward with the mission to support the progression of life revamping technologies towards maximizing human potential by discussing the latest and most relevant topics. The umbrella of our goals incorporate educating and building credibility among the target audience. In addition, we promote growth of businesses by generating high quality leads and real time conversions. The company holds exponential expertise in organizing a number of elite B2B tech events. At Group Futurista, we keep diversity at its highest pedestal and thus are open to new ideas and collaborations from people drawing from diverse backgrounds.

Let’s transcend towards a future where technology leads the flow of advancement and innovation lights the lane.

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At Group Futurista, we deliver a promising growth and scintillating edge over leading competitors of industry to our sponsors. We assure our sponsors to dispatch credibility, skillful knowledge and resources, brand building and stellar lead generation. The rolling success of our events puts us one step ahead in the motivation game to deliver more such exciting and insightful events. An association with us is sure to enrich you with multiple benefits opening doors of abundant growth.

Experience the amazing endeavors of the modern world through tech-coloured lenses.

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