About Our Sponsor


Sponsorship is one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has, holding the strength to drive the success of an event. Our reputed sponsor,  Nexthink is a software company centered on helping IT to chalk out smart and productivity-driven workplaces. Through a unique combination of realtime analytics, automations and employee feedback, they dispatch clarity to the IT department. Nexthink provided more such solutions to give better understanding of Workplace Analytics for Businesses. We were elated to have them onboard as a part of our event.

Nexthink Taking a Step Forward With Us!

Our potential sponsor, Nexthink has delivered the world’s first Digital Employee Experience Management platform to help IT teams bridge the gap along with measuring and managing the digital employee experience at every moment. Nexthink was equally profound to be a part of our event. They even generated a total of 350+ potential leads. The success of our event moved them to sponsor more of our future events. Through our event, many people were benefited with detailed understanding on a number of subject matters and how they can help businesses grow with improved productivity and other benefits that come along with it. The event paved the way for the promotion of their brand and solutions.

You don’t have to think twice to step to the fore with us!