About Our Sponsor


Sponsorship is one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has! Our respected sponsor, Provenir helps fintechs, financial institutions and payment providers make smarter decisions faster by simplifying the risk decisioning process. Undoubtedly, no-code, cloud-native SaaS products make it easy to rapidly create sophisticated decisioning workflows. Provenir has supercharged decisioning speed with a global data marketplace for seamless integration, powerful AI & machine learning models and real-time insights. We were beyond pleased to have Provenir as our sponsor.

Provenir Decides To Go Ahead With Us!

Our potential sponsor, Provenir, helps IT teams in risk decisioning. The events we organized were as enthralling to Provenir as it was for us. Above all, they have generated more than 400 high quality leads through our events successfully promoting their brand and solutions. We are grateful to know that Provenir made a decision to sponsor more of our future events. With the help of Provenir, we had an opportunity to enlighten the audience about ways to achieve smooth business processes. The association of sponsors with Group Futurista definitely promises to deliver top-of-the-line advantages and upper hand.

You won’t regret taking an initiative with us. Let’s excel together!