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About Group Futurista

Group Futurista is a leading Global Events Company that organises corporate events, virtual summits and forums for the various tech companies. We promote creativity and innovative strategies which help businesses to grow. Group Futurista hosts B2B tech events, one-to-one interaction and personalised events. We admire the power of networking by building relationships with companies like Academia and Government organisations on a mass level. Our company‚Äôs vision is to influence the lives of people by bringing technological revolution and to promote sustainable development. Group Futurista provides an opportunity to business leaders, decision-makers, solution providers to come and be a part of panel discussions, revolutionary case studies, webinars and brainstorming sessions. Our mission is to support the progression of life revamping technologies towards maximising human potential by discussing the latest and most relevant topics in the sphere of the 4th global industrial revolution. As a company that hosts B2B tech events, we aim to educate and build credibility among the target audience. We promote growth of businesses by generating high quality leads and real time conversions. We have organised several events like ‘Future of Digital Employee Experience for Businesses’, ‘Future of Investment Portfolio Management for Businesses’ and many more. Group Futurista keeps their events open to new ideas and collaborations from people from diverse backgrounds.

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About Our Sponsor Provenir

Sponsorship is a powerful tool any organisation has! Our respected sponsor, Provenir helps fintechs, financial institutions and payment providers make smarter decisions faster by simplifying the risk decisioning process. Undoubtedly, no-code, cloud-native SaaS products make it easy to rapidly create sophisticated decisioning workflows. Provenir has supercharged decisioning speed with a global data marketplace for seamless integration, powerful AI & machine learning models and real-time insights. Their cutting-edge AI-powered decisioning technology makes it easy to launch, learn and innovate, driving the agility and flexibility to power your business growth. Provenir’s leadership team brings together a diverse and innovative group of individuals whose collective experience makes them a strong and progressive company. We are pleased and proud to have Provenir as our sponsor.

Provenir Decides To Go Ahead With Us

Our potential sponsor, Provenir, helps IT teams in risk decisioning. They cherished associating with Group Futurista. Provenir was glad to be a part of our events that we had organised. Moreover, they were pleased with our planning and organizational skills with which we always make our events grand. Above all, they have generated more than 400 high quality leads through our events! They were also able to promote their brand and solutions. We are grateful to know that Provenir made a decision to sponsor more of our events in the future. With the help of Provenir, we had an opportunity to enlighten the audience about ways to achieve smooth business processes. A huge amount of people have acquired valuable benefits from our events. Anybody who sponsors Group Futurista will definitely get top-of-the-line advantages by associating with us.

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We can assure our sponsors increased credibility as a brand, in-house knowledge and resources, enhanced vendor relationships, brand building, successful lead generation and many more advantages. Anyone who sponsors us gets various measurable as well as immeasurable benefits. Get a step ahead from your competitors and excel with us! Our sponsors clearly get an edge over others. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future with high grade solutions included.