About Our Sponsor


Sponsorship is one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has, holding the strength to drive the success of an event. Our respected sponsor, Nintex is a process automation platform who provide valuable solutions for Low Code Platforms. These solutions are the ones that low code and no code tools provide non-developers that help them to quickly and easily execute IT projects like building custom business applications. Through easy-to-use interfaces and simple drag and drop functionality, low code tools make complex IT procedures easier which eventually adds up to speeding up IT projects significantly. We were glad to have them be a part of our events.

Decision of Associating With Us by Nintex!

Nintex’s process management and automation software improves the way people work with easy-to-use tools for visually managing, quickly automating and continuously optimizing business processes and workflows. The success of our event moved them to sponsor more of our future events. Through our event, a considerable number of people were benefited with detailed understanding on a number of subject matters and how they can help businesses grow with improved productivity and other benefits that come along with it. Our sponsor, Nexthink has benefited from our event by gaining valuable insights and generating potential leads.

Feel confident to step forward with us without any hesitation!