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About Group Futurista

Group Futurista is a leading Global Events Company which creates its own emerging Technology Summits, where creativity fosters and innovations flourish. As a company that hosts B2B tech events, we firmly believe in the power of networking and connecting with innovative thinkers and brightest minds from Industries, Academia and Government organizations at a global level. We truly appreciate all our sponsors as well as people associated with us and so, our mission and vision is to leave behind a strong legacy which will drive sustainable growth and maintain the balance of life for our future generations to cherish. We have organized events like ‘Future of Accounting Automation for Businesses’ and ‘Future of Low Code Platform’ in the past with 350+ attendees where Nintex was our sponsor. Our sole aim was to impart valuable knowledge regarding the same and what their future will look like in upcoming years by bringing together the most experienced and respected speakers around the globe. Meanwhile we also aim at maintaining the decorum of the events, leaving everyone uplifted to be a part of the same. Our team works on creating a platform where we keep people updated with new business trends and provide beneficial solutions to help businesses grow.

A step forward with us is a step towards success 🙂

About Our Sponsor Nintex

Sponsorship is one of the most powerful cultural tools any organization has! Our respected sponsor, Nintex is a process automation platform which allows process professionals, power users, and line of business teams to accelerate the digital transformation journey. They provided valuable solutions for Low Code Platforms that low code and no code tools provide non-developers with the tools to quickly and easily execute IT projects like, building custom business applications. Through easy-to-use interfaces and simple drag and drop functionality, low code tools make complex IT procedures much easier. Therefore, this can speed up IT projects considerably. Other than that, they also provided valuable insights for Accounting Automation that more task-oriented work will be automated, leading to a shift in the work human accountants perform. Additionally, cross-company involvement in digital transformation will become standard meaning accounting teams will become partially responsible for implementing their own tools, underscoring the importance of integrating finance and tech skills. Nintex provided more such solutions on various subject matters of different events organized by us. We were glad to have them be a part of our events.

Decision of Associating With Us by Nintex

Nintex’s process management and automation software improves the way people work with easy-to-use tools for visually managing, quickly automating and continuously optimizing business processes and workflows. Nintex was proud to be a part of the events that we had organized. Moreover, they admired our way of conducting the event. They even generated a total of 350+ potential leads from all our past events. We were glad to know that our quality events made them come to a decision of sponsoring more of our future events i.e. Future of Process Intelligence for Businesses, Future of Workflow Automation for FI, Future of Operational Excellence, Future of Finance Automation for Businesses, Future of Digital Hiring and Recruitment and Future of Digital Customer Experience 6.0. Through our events, a good number of people were benefited with great understanding of a number of subject matters and how they can help businesses grow with improved productivity and other benefits that come along with it. Our sponsor, Nintex has benefited from our events by gaining valuable insights, interacting with prospects, establishing their authority and generating potential leads. Most importantly, their brand and solutions got promoted.

Let’s create a technologically advanced world to make our present & future finer!

We can assure our sponsors increased credibility as a brand, in-house knowledge and resources, enhanced vendor relationships, brand building, successful lead generation and many more advantages. Anyone who sponsors us gets various measurable as well as immeasurable benefits. Get a step ahead from your competitors and excel with us! Our sponsors clearly get an edge over others. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future with high grade solutions included.